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Posted by on Jan 15, 2021 in Automotive |

The Potential Downfalls of Selling Individual Car Parts to Chicago Buyers

The Potential Downfalls of Selling Individual Car Parts to Chicago Buyers

It may be tempting to sell individual parts from your car as opposed to selling it to a Chicago junk car company. However, there are several potential pitfalls that you should consider before trying to do so.

You’ll Need a Place to Store the Parts

It could take months or years to find a buyer for your used car parts. In the meantime, you will need to find someplace to store those items where they won’t rust, corrode, or become pest magnets. If you don’t have room on your property to keep an old vehicle, it may be necessary to rent a storage unit. The cost of a rental unit may negate any profit that you would otherwise realize from the sale of a gas tank or brake line.

People Aren’t Always Reliable

You should expect that a potential buyer is going to want to negotiate the price of a given part. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that not everyone who responds to your classified ad or online forum post is serious about making a purchase. Therefore, you could spend hours or days negotiating the details of a sale with someone without actually completing a transaction. If you choose to sell your car to a Chicago junk car company, you’ll get a valid offer from an entity that is motivated to buy your vehicle in a timely manner.

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