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Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in Plumbing |

The Plumbing Contractor: When To Hire One

The Plumbing Contractor: When To Hire One

If you have ever talked to a friend about remodeling your Chicago, IL home, he or she would have mentioned the term “contractor.” Essentially, a contractor is one who takes charge of the project and hires the various trades to perform their diverse tasks. Within the broader scope of a job, you may run across various contractors. These may include not only an electric contractor but also a plumbing contractor.

What Is a Plumbing Contractor?

A plumbing contractor does have all the skills and expertise of a plumber. The training is comparable, but to be a contractor, he or she must have some training in and knowledge of the ins-and-outs of construction. It is essential to be versed in the latest building codes and specific regulations regarding plumbing installation in Chicago IL.

This training indicates one major area where the two roles: plumber and contractor diverge. Plumbing contractors tend to take on different and even larger jobs. They concentrate on

 * Home renovations
 * Home remodeling
 * New Builds

This results in their becoming involved in different plumbing-related matters. The tasks they take on are more complex. They involve larger tasks and may require working with other plumbers or hiring them. A plumbing contractor, therefore, can be found

 * Installing the water supply system

 * Upgrading the septic system

 * Constructing waste disposal systems

 * Installing flues and gas connections

 * Putting into place, replacing or repairing different types of water heaters including electric, gas or tankless models

 * Fitting gas control valves

 * Putting into place back flow prevention

 * Equipping a home with water conditioning and/or water softening equipment

As well as installing the above equipment and items, a plumbing contractor can repair and maintain them.

One more important aspect of his or her job, involves the responsibility of signing off on a project. A building contractor hires a plumbing contractor to handle a number of projects. In fact, the home builder may also bring the plumbing contractor in on the early stages of the deign process to ensure that all aspects concerning plumbing are correct. At the end of his or her involvement in a job, the contractor is usually the one who signs off on that final inspection of the plumbing system.

For that Certain Job, Hire a Plumbing Contractor

If you plan on remodeling or renovating your home in Chicago IL, you need to talk to the experts in plumbing. While a plumber is more than capable of handling most jobs, it is often wiser to go with someone who is not only a plumber but also a contractor. If the job is extensive and requires all the expertise in plumbing possible, you really only have one choice – a plumbing contractor.

If you plan on redoing your home in a major way, do not forget the special requirements of your plumbing. You will not only need professional plumbers but also a Plumbing Contractor to arrange for the right plumbers to undertake and complete the work. Since 1983, the staff at Apex Plumbing & Sewer Inc. in Chicago, IL has provided our clients with our experience in all areas of plumbing. If you are planning to renovate your home or build a new one get in touch with us. We are there to help. For further information on us and our services, reach out to us online at You can also connect with them on Facebook.