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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 10, 2014 in Travel

The Perks of a Traverse City Beer Tour

The Perks of a Traverse City Beer Tour

Traveling to interesting locations is a perk that many people take for granted. Some never take the opportunity if they live near an interesting area while others end up making excuses never to make the trek to a place of interest. With all of the stress surrounding school, family life, and busy work schedules, getting away is vital for many people to feel relaxed and happy. A great way for people to have some time to enjoy life is to take a Traverse City beer tour, sampling great beers and just having a grand time.

What Are the Perks of A Beer Tour?
Many people say that they do not see the need of going on a beer tour when they can simply head to their nearest grocery store, pick up a six or twelve-pack and drink at home. While this can be great, going on a beer tour gives you the ability to relax and not worry about the regular stressors you encounter day-to-day. You will get the ability to taste several craft beers that you might not be able to get at your local grocery store, and you will get a chance to meet those who run the Breweries. The Traverse City beer tour takes you to several pubs, many of which are family owned and operated.

Why Should You Go on a Tour?
One of the main reasons anyone has when they go on a beer tour is that they want to taste amazing beer that they cannot find elsewhere. It also gives them the ability to spend time with their friends or family members who are of age. Beer tours give people a rare opportunity to learn more about the local area whether they live there or not. You will also be able to learn about how various locations brew their beers as many local pubs will brew their beverages on the premises or in a location nearby. Watching the process of beer making is sure to enlighten everyone and add a nice touch to each pint you drink.

What Should You Do on a Beer Tour?
When on a beer tour, you should consider asking the owners of breweries about their process and what they enjoy most. Many pubs along the way are more than happy to engage with others, helping them understand this process and the devotion it takes. You can also bring cameras and anything else you would like to help you remember this incredible moment. Most importantly, you should relax and take it easy as you are taken around to various breweries on the Traverse City beer tour.

Beer tours are a great choice for a group of friends or if you want to go alone with your spouse, partner, or just one or two friends. It is a great experience and gives you the opportunity to drink some incredible beer!