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Posted by on Sep 18, 2019 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

The Options In Flush Mount Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Options In Flush Mount Industrial Ceiling Fans

There are many different types of ceiling fans, and the different designs and options allow a business, retail outlet or commercial or industrial building to have the best match in air flow, design and fan speed controls. For controlling humidity, ensuring even temperatures throughout the space and limiting heating and cooling costs, a destratification fan is the ideal solution.

In all of these types of building and applications, flush mount industrial ceiling fans offer a durable and practical solution. As the name implies, these destratification fans mount into grid ceilings, or they can also be used with the suspended ceilings that are common in offices, retail spaces and in work areas.

Self-contained or with Duct Work Connections

Different options in flush mount industrial ceiling fans may be designed to be self-contained, or they may come with the necessary configuration and materials to connect to existing ductwork in the building. The direct air option, which offers the connection to the ductwork, is often used to enhance air distribution to areas of the building or the space where natural air flow is a problem.

The self-contained types of flush mount industrial ceiling fans require no special installation methods and easily fit into the industry standard 2 X 2 ceiling grid.

Blending In

If you are considering a flush mount fan for an office space, retail outlet, restaurant or any other type of area, look for manufacturers that offer color matching for the exposed surface of the fan. This allows the fans to blend into the ceiling, providing quiet, comfortable air flow in a discreet package.

It is also essential to consider the control of the fan. The best models provide programmable multi-speed controls that allow settings to be adjusted for end-user comfort.