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Posted by on Oct 9, 2018 in Senior Citizen Center |

The Option of Senior Companion Care in Nassau County Within an Independent-Living Community

The Option of Senior Companion Care in Nassau County Within an Independent-Living Community

At a community providing both assisted and independent living arrangements, Senior Companion Care in Nassau County is available too. This can be an ideal service for an elderly man or woman who does not need regular assistance with daily needs but would benefit from the extra emotional support of a companion. This can be particularly helpful when the resident is new to the community, but many residents enjoy having their senior companion continue to visit long after they have settled in.

Companionship and Light Assistance

Senior Companion Care in Nassau County can include some assistance too. This employee might do some light housekeeping, for example. They generally do not provide the services of nursing assistants, such as help with bathing or checking blood pressure, but they perform tasks that are less personal in nature. They might not help with bathing, but their tasks might include washing the resident’s hair and combing it out afterward.

Generally, though, companionship is the main purpose of the visits. The two might play a board game together or discuss recent news while reading the paper. If the organization can match hobbies, that’s an ideal situation. The two individuals would enjoy crocheting together while watching TV or a movie being streamed on the screen.

Living Independently

Even within this type of residential setting, companion care can help elderly men and women continue living independently and avoid having to make the shift to assisted living. Someone who isn’t especially outgoing may not be excited about the social activities the community organizes, preferring a quiet life with a few close friends in the building and family members stopping by to visit.


The service, as provided through a senior community such as The Regency, is flexible and can be customized to fit each resident’s preferences and needs. This kind of community offers a variety of floor plans for apartments, from a studio suite to a deluxe one-bedroom apartment. In some respects, the living arrangement has the amenities of a hotel. Residents can ask for a change of towels every day, for instance. Anyone interested may visit the website to learn more about this particular senior community.