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The Manifold Benefits of Visiting Catholic Churches in Detroit

The Manifold Benefits of Visiting Catholic Churches in Detroit

When you are in the Detroit era, you may want to visit one of Old St. Mary’s daily masses. This traditional worship service provides you with access to a spiritual tradition that is nearly 2,000 years old. Regardless of your personal situation, you should find a comfortable space at Old St. Mary’s

Why Old St. Mary’s Is Such an Attractive Destination

Old St. Mary’s is a community-minded place that welcomes all newcomers. Built-in the late 1800s, this is one of the most venerable Catholic churches in Detroit. With its remarkable Victorian Gothic design, this church is an architectural marvel that brings dignity to its urban surroundings. This is one of the most beautiful old buildings in this entire metropolitan area.

Benefits of Visiting Catholic Churches in the Detroit Area

Whether you are a Detroit local or a visitor, you will almost certainly find a comfortable atmosphere at this historic church. Old St. Mary’s holds traditional mass here every afternoon at 12:15. Especially during times of illness and distress, churches provide an atmosphere of healing and companionship. Whatever your beliefs or background, you’ll find that the clergy at Old St. Mary’s will treat you with the utmost respect. Naturally, this is just one of many excellent Catholic churches in Detroit.

To the delight of the local community, Old St. Mary’s offers quite a few world-class musical concerts. To learn more about this church, simply turn to and get in touch with the warmhearted people at Old St. Mary’s.