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Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Business |

The Know-How of Security Alarm Cables

The Know-How of Security Alarm Cables

The topic of security alarm cables isn’t the most exciting in the world. However, having the knowledge from this seemingly boring topic can be of great use when you least expect it. While we say that the eye of the camera is watching us, it is really there for our own safety.

Security issues are rapidly growing around the world, and by using the right instruments, we will not only ensure our safety but also that of those around us, we can make the environment more comfortable and secure.

Usually, most people worry about installing security alarms and how a good security alarm can be used. Security alarms in general, are used in almost every area of inhabitance like schools, offices, homes, airports, hospitals, factories and even prisons; where security is crucial. A security system will not be useful if the security alarm cables are bad quality and not working properly.

For this purpose, high quality security alarm cables are commonly used as the wiring for intercoms, security systems, audio systems, power-limited control circuits and even background music systems.

If a security alarm cable is not working properly, it is dangerous, especially in the case of an emergency. The cable may cause a lot of trouble if it is not properly connected with the alarm system.

This is why companies like Trillium Development Ltd Co produce many types of security cables for use in different environments. If you’re looking for a good security system, make sure to get one with a reliable security alarm cable.

Range of cables

As with the case of fire alarm cables, these cables are used to provide a free path for energy and transfer. All cables need to pass a National Electrical Code rating system. Cables are available in non-plenum, plenum and riser-rated versions. You can also choose from shielded or unshielded, multi-conductor or twisted pair constructions as well. These cables are usually installed with a water-blocked alarm cable option, available upon request.

Non-plenum cables are designed for general purposes and can be used in security systems, intercom and PA systems etc. Unshielded multi-conductor cables consist of bare copper conductors, polypropylene insulation and a PVC jacket, whereas the pair cable is water-locked and can be used for alarm and security systems. They run underground because and are prone to moisture. Riser cables in unshielded and shielded conductors can be used for the space behind walls which run vertically from floor to floor, while plenum cables are well suited to adjust to even the most challenging applications.

Security is not a matter to be taken lightly, and if you want the right security alarm cable, Look through the vast selection of cables provided by Electric Wire and Cable Specialists.