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Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Car Dealer |

The Importance of Various Types of Routine Car Service in Topeka KS

Routine Car Service in Topeka KS should include a variety of tasks and not just an oil change. Vehicle owners don’t need to have every one of these tasks completed each time they bring the car in, but it’s important not to ignore basic maintenance on certain components. That attention to maintenance can prevent problems in the future, including vehicle breakdowns and expensive repair work.

Getting a full-service oil change is especially advantageous for people driving older cars and pickup trucks. Numerous garages offer a basic oil change that only includes draining the old oil, replacing it with new oil and replacing the filter. The full-service option typically includes checking and topping off most or all fluid levels, and checking and adjusting tire pressure. It may include inspecting components such as the air filter, belts and hoses. Having the fluid levels checked will alert the owner to any problems that have developed, such as a leak in the power steering system or in the transmission. The owner then can set an appointment to have that problem diagnosed and repaired.

The vehicle’s instruction manual provides a maintenance schedule for owners to follow. Some manuals, for example, recommend having the tires rotated after a certain number of miles. Many car owners get this done during every other oil change. The technicians can advise owners when it’s time to get the tires replaced, and they can point out the signs of wear. Sometimes uneven wear is developing, which may indicate a need for new shocks and struts or a front-end alignment.

Other Car Service in Topeka KS that qualifies as routine maintenance can be done less frequently. At a garage such as Bolton Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep, technicians flush the cooling system and fill it with new solution. This might be done every two or three years, depending on how many miles are put on the vehicle annually. They can change windshield wipers when the owner notices signs of wear, as indicated by an inability to effectively brush water from the glass.