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Posted by Judie Langford on May 5, 2014 in Cleaning

The Importance of a Household Commitment to Maintaining Your Chimney Liner in Long Island NY

The Importance of a Household Commitment to Maintaining Your Chimney Liner in Long Island NY

As a homeowner, you understand that your chimney is what allows you to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace on a cold night. However, some homeowners still have not made maintaining their chimneys a priority in their household.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some severe safety issues for you and your loved ones. There are a few parts of your chimney that need regular cleaning and maintenance, and one of those parts is your chimney liner. If you’re not sure why you need to make a serious commitment to maintaining your chimney liner, here are a few reasons that may help convince you that it is of the utmost importance:

1. Your chimney liner is what keeps the byproducts of the combustion process from escaping the flue and causing damage to the bricks that provide structure for your chimney. If these byproducts are not properly guided to the top of your chimney so that they can be exhausted into the air, you will likely face problems with the deterioration of your masonry. Furthermore, carbon dioxide may be released back into your home and cause serious health problems for your family. For this reason, it’s important to have your chimney liner inspected and cleaned at least once a year so that you can be sure that both your home and your family will be safe.

2. Your home could also be facing a fire hazard if you don’t make a commitment to maintaining your chimney on a yearly basis. Creosote and other combustion products may end up forming a thick black layer on the lining of your chimney. Not only does this damage the liner, but it also impedes airflow. This could, in turn, cause a fire in your home since combustion won’t be able to take place like it needs to.

If you’re a homeowner who needs help maintaining your Chimney Liner in Long Island NY, make sure that you get in contact with the team at US Chimney Long Island NY. Not only will you be able to speak with a trained professional about creating a solid maintenance plan for your chimney, but you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that your family is safe and sound each time you delight in the warmth of a fire in your home. Visit for more information.