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Posted by on Oct 11, 2019 in Software Company |

The Importance Of 24X7 Live Chat Support

The Importance Of 24X7 Live Chat Support

In most industries, and for the vast majority of eCommerce websites for small or large companies, live chat support is something that consumers not only use on websites they visit, but that consumers look for when browsing the site.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that a company can make is to use a chat system that only operates on a limited period. Many companies and businesses link their chat system to their customer service or customer support employees, which means when the business closes for the day, online shoppers and customers have no access to information or answers.

A better solution is to offer 24X7 live chat support on the website. This offers the advantage of full chat support around the clock as well as throughout the year. Customers, clients, or those with questions can rely on the chat system to find information both during and outside of traditional business hours.

True Live Support

There are some websites that advertise they provide 24X7 live chat support, but they are providing automated responses to questions or dropdown menu options.

For customers, this can provide basic answers and support, but it usually creates more frustration than customer satisfaction. If considering the use of any type of automated systems, first take a closer look at the personal, customized and “human” option found in 24X7 live chat support.

Services Provided

While eCommerce sites often rely on chat systems for product information or assistance with orders, chat support can be used for a much wider range of services. This is an effective option for technical support, for customer service, SaaS and PaaS businesses as well as for telemarketing companies.

Top live chat support systems can also be used for upselling and cross-selling, helping to increase revenue. Order verification and management of online ordering is another task ideally suited to live chat support while also adding to customer satisfaction.

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