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Posted by on Jul 31, 2019 in auto repair |

The Highs and Lows of High-Mileage Motor Oil

The Highs and Lows of High-Mileage Motor Oil

Whether your car has 70k or 170k miles, chances are likely that you’ve heard glowing praise of high-mileage motor oil. Of course, the unwitting car owner is unlikely to know whether such a product is recommended in good faith, or whether it is simply a ploy for auto repair shops to make a few extra bucks. At Ashland Garage, we pride ourselves on honest service and transparent communication, and happily proffer the following crash course on this much misconceived product:

What Is It?

Unlike vehicles of the early twentieth century, cars these days can last for over 200,000 miles if properly taken care of. Unfortunately, therein lies the rub: properly taken care of. A critical component of your vehicle’s efficiency, motor oil is both a lubricant and a cleanser for your car’s engine, and will manifest irreparable consequences if not changed on a regular basis. Of course, as your car ages, your engine will require increased input for decreased (or in the best case scenario, equal) output. As sludge builds up and effort takes a toll, only a high-quality motor oil designed for heavy use will be able to maintain your vehicle’s efficiency. Formulated with additives specifically designed for engines with odometers over 75-100k, high-mileage motor oil has the ability to handle your car’s ageing work load.

Is It Worth It?

Off the bat, high-mileage motor oil will be more costly than your typical OTC fare. Available in both petroleum and synthetic form, the latter will last longer and is more able to withstand temperature variations, saving at least the frequency of refilling. Both intended for cars that have begun to show signs of wear and tear, your engine will thank you for the switch – if it has begun to degrade with age. For vehicles with healthy engines that have been properly maintained, the additives in high-mileage blends may be superfluous, albeit could act as a somewhat preventative measure. For cars (at any age) with a lackluster or ill-performing engine, high-mileage motor oil will cost more at the moment, but likely save on cost down the road.

At the end of the day, you know your car better than anyone else. Have your vehicle checked regularly at a mechanic that you trust, and take preventative measures to mitigate the effects of wear and tear down the road. If you’re not sure what this entails, seek the expert guidance of an experienced team of techs. At Ashland Garage, we are proud to be considered just this, and invite residents and visitors alike to schedule an appointment today.