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Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Business |

The Great Kitchen Redesign Debate

The Great Kitchen Redesign Debate

A kitchen redesign is probably one of the most exciting and important parts of the adventure of home upgrading you’ll embark on. Backsplashes, farm sinks, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and let’s not forget one of the biggest decisions of all – cabinets! It is widely believed that the right cabinets can make or break the redesign of a kitchen.

A lot goes into choosing the right cabinets: paint, style shape, pulls, knobs, what materials used; will you have pull out sections for the pans? The possibilities are nearly endless, but one of the most controversial questions is whether you choose solid wood or MDF board. Many people disagree on whether wood cabinets truly are wood or if they’re just particleboard – a wood based material.

If you are already looking at MDF cabinet doors, odds are you know what size, shape and color medium-density fiberboard you are looking for. And if you’ve made it far enough to start looking at redesigning your cabinet doors with MDF board, then you probably know there’s quite a bit of controversy around whether you should go with MDF board or solid wood.

The Benefits Of MDF Board

Unlike solid wood cabinets, MDF cabinet doors do not expand or contract causing paint to crack. The surface of MDF is smooth and does not show imperfections. The biggest advantage to choosing a custom MDF cabinet door is cost. Custom MDF cabinets are a fraction of the cost of the competition, solid wood cabinets. Choosing MDF definitely allows you more pre-fabricated options as well. A custom MDF company will have a brochure on hand showing all the styles you may like and will be able to build to the size of your project’s needs. It is hard to say if a wood cabinet company could do the same in the same amount of time or at the same price point.

Maintenance And Functionality

Finishing a MDF cabinet and protecting it for the long haul is similar to the process followed in finishing wood. Though, It would seem the biggest piece of controversy surrounds this subject. A well finished piece of MDF board is as durable if not more so than any wood cabinet without being susceptible to the inevitable expanding or contracting that wood is known to do. Finding a quality MDF cabinet door company will hopefully save you some time and money. If you’re on the fence about this subject, it would behoove you to schedule an appointment with a designer or custom cabinet company as there is a lot of debate around this subject online.

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