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Posted by on May 25, 2020 in Lawyer |

The Essential Role Of A Truck Accident Lawyer

The Essential Role Of A Truck Accident Lawyer

Being in any type of vehicle accident is always frightening, but being in an accident involving an 18 wheeler can be extremely difficult. These accidents have a high rate of deaths due to the accident, and in most cases, there will be very significant damage to passenger vehicles as well as a much more significant risk of injury. Getting a truck accident attorney in Rockford involved as quickly as possible is important for many different reasons.

While a truck accident attorney in Rockford is there to represent your case and try to settle out of the court, he or she should also be prepared to litigate if a fair settlement is not offered or agreed upon. Unfortunately, many people in these accidents without attorneys take a low-level settlement, which prevents them from actually being compensated for all the damages and pain and suffering they will go through now and in the future.

Who is Involved?

As your truck accident attorney in Rockford will tell you, most trucks on the road today are not owned by the driver, but rather by a trucking company. In many cases, the issue that caused the accident, including tire failure, incorrectly maintained brake systems, mechanical failures, or other types of specific issues may not be directly or completely caused by the driver.

In these situations, your truck accident attorney will have to determine the parties that will be included in the lawsuit. This could include the driver, especially if he or she failed to complete the mandatory pre-trip inspection or missed critical issues, or it could be the trucking company for failure to maintain their fleet.

By working with an experienced truck accident attorney, this information can be collected and presented, helping to build your case against all negligent parties to the accident.

Help and Support

This can be a long process, and it can seem overwhelming to people recovering from an accident and perhaps having to deal with the loss of a loved one through the wreck.

The attorney is there to provide information and support, including ensuring you are receiving the correct medical care and are seeing the specialists that will be required to address the injuries because of the accident.

In this way, your truck accident attorney will become true support to you and your family. A top attorney will answer questions and keep the family updated as to the stage of the case and what to reasonably expect moving forward.

Finding an experienced truck accident attorney if you have been in a big rig accident is critical. To see more and to learn about the American Law Firm, P.C. find us online.