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Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Shopping |

The Endless Options Of T Shirts

The Endless Options Of T Shirts

The reasons to make your own custom T shirts are literally as limitless and the many different ways you can do it these days. The once deeply technical process it took to get detailed designs onto textiles and fabrics, has now become so accessible that you can pick up a cheap “do it yourself” home T shirt printing kit at several of your local supermarkets. Whether you just want one T shirt customized to fit your own needs, or you want 50-100 unique T’s you designed printed for your company or even your band, you can find either relatively simply. Let’s go over just a few of the different T shirt printing options available to you.

The most common “screen printing” method is done with machinery and by professional companies. These companies are relatively easy to find and also usually priced highly competitively. One thing to note about doing T shirts this way is that typically bulk orders are required. This does make this a great option however if you are looking to have T shirts made for your company or school projects, as the bulk prices provide a great financial deal on the shirts usually. Also with the professionally made silk screened option the shirts tend to last much longer than their home-made counterparts. Definitely something to consider before you start selling home-made T shirts to advertise for your band or charity event, etc.

Another common method of T shirt printing is called ‘heat transfer’. You often see this done with store-bought, pre-designed T shirt packs. A lot of the time these are the ones you can find available in store craft aisles. They are also typically very reasonably priced. The one thing you may want to keep in mind with this option is that you will likely not have the same design freedom that you would with its silk screened counterpart.

Also often found in the craft aisle where the T shirt kits are displayed, there are usually fabric design markers or things of that nature. These are great for simple designs or messages you may want to display on your shirt, but again do not last nearly as long on the fabric. But it is certainly a quick, easy option available to you at a very low price.

Which method of T shirt design and printing is right for you will vary mostly depending on your individual needs. If it is just an individual and unique T shirt you are looking for, the second two options, as well as many more similar to those, may be the right choice for you. But when you are looking to mass produce highly unique T’s as a form of advertisement or a way of getting a message out there, silk screening or methods of that nature are most likely the best option for you.

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