The Difference between Standard and Deep House Cleaning in Ann Arbor

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Ann Arbor is a city in the state of Michigan with a relatively small population (just over 110,000). There are numerous cleaning service providers within the city. Each company wants a larger share of the market. To get that, they offer highly customizable services to clients. This is healthy competition, as it keeps prices low. Moreover, the standard of services provided remains high. This is because companies know that clients can switch anytime if they are unsatisfied by their cleaning. Deep house cleaning in Ann Arbor is one of the most common cleaning services that companies offer their patrons.

However, many house owners are confused between standard cleaning and deep house cleaning in Ann Arbor. It is a difficult decision to make. When a customer calls a cleaning company, they are usually asked to select the deep cleaning package. However, the deep cleaning package is more expensive as compared to a standard cleaning package. However, there is a major difference between standard and deep house cleaning in Ann Arbor.

The Level of Detail

The standard cleaning package is pretty straightforward. The cleaners will visit the customer’s residence, and begin their work. Everything will be cleaned. The beds will be made, the toilets will be cleaned and the floor will be dusted. However, the cleaners will not pay a lot of attention to detail. Standard cleaning packages are excellent for getting the house cleaned once a week.

However, after a couple of months or so, dust and grime settles on every surface in the house. Moreover, the chrome fixtures become dirty as dirt settles on them. The grouting of the tiles becomes darker after a while. This is a situation where the house requires detailed cleaning. This is where deep cleaning is required.

Then the deep cleaning option is selected, the cleaners will wipe down every surface. They will vacuum all the rugs and the carpets, clean and disinfect the washrooms, and polish the chrome fixtures. Deep cleaning in Ann Arbor is extremely detailed to ensure that even the smallest speck of dust is sucked into the vacuum. For instance, cleaners will simply empty the trash in a standard package. However, the cleaners will also sanitize the waste baskets if the deep cleaning package is selected.

The Prices

Another major difference between standard and deep house cleaning in Ann Arbor is price. Standard cleaning services usually retail for $100 to $150 depending upon the size of the house. Deep cleaning services can go as high as $500. Owing to the level of detail and the work required, deep cleaning services are more expensive, but leave the house in sparkling condition afterwards.

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