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Posted by on Nov 1, 2018 in Healthcare |

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment at a Medical Clinic

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment at a Medical Clinic

Although you have a trustworthy relationship with your doctor, sometimes you might be forced to look elsewhere for medical care. When an unforeseen accident or illness occurs, the complications might not allow you to wait for treatment. In this case, a Medical Clinic can offer instant assistance. Learning about the benefits of medical clinics might erase any hesitation you have about seeking their care.

1. Lower costs – Many people rush to the emergency room when immediate medical attention is needed. However, even with insurance, the copay for being seen by an emergency room doctor is often high, and you might get additional bills after receiving treatment. An urgent care, such as the Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, accepts various health insurance plans, and if you don’t have insurance, you can still receive affordable treatment, because low self-pay rates apply to the services.

2. Wait times – Because many people rush to emergency rooms, there are often a lot of patients and the wait times are long. You’re better off going to a medical clinic, which generally has a shorter wait. In addition to appointments, they also accept walk-ins, and they have multiple doctors on staff to provide treatment.

3. Multiple conditions – An urgent care, such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, can treat many conditions. If you’ve broken a bone, or suffered burns, or a contusion, the doctors can provide care. Even conditions, such as the flu, a fever, nausea and colds can be treated in the clinic. Wichita Family Clinic also offers pain management treatments, school and sports physicals, and preventative care services that includes immunizations for seasonal flu and pneumonia, tetanus and TB. If needed, the doctors can also provide referrals to specialists.

Urgent care facilites, such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, can set your mind at ease. When after-hour emergencies arise, just walk in and know that you won’t be turned away or wait for a long time. After the urgent care doctors patch you up, you’ll be on you way out, knowing that you won’t receive sky-high bills in the mail.