The benefits of cabinet refacing

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Home Improvement, Kitchens

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When remodeling a kitchen a homeowner has two choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets in St Louis, remove and scrap the current cabinets or reface them. Refacing the cabinets is something that should be seriously considered, obviously it will save considerably on money but also time and you will still be in a position to express your decorative ideas. By opting for refacing you will be left with money that you can put to good use elsewhere.

The most obvious advantage of refacing your kitchen cabinets in St Louis is saving money. Of course your old cabinets still have to be in reasonably sound condition but stripping the carcass and either stripping and refinishing the doors or even replacing the doors is going to prove to be considerably less costly than buying and installing all new cabinets.

Of all the rooms in the house the kitchen gets the most use and is probably the most important, when you resurface the cabinets you save time, you can have your kitchen back in working order in short order. In a normal kitchen the entire process of removing and refinishing the doors and drawer fronts can be done in a matter of a day or two at the most.

While the doors and drawer fronts are drying you can move on to the cabinets. Although you will have to remove the contents of the cabinets you will not have to take them off the walls, the cabinets stay in their same position. The carcass can be stripped and repainted or re-stained in situ which saves time. Usually the doors can be reinstalled the following day and when new hardware is used the results can be very dramatic.

Another benefit of refacing your kitchen cabinets in the St Louis is creativity. Although replacement cabinets are available in a wealth of different finishes there are times when your creative desire simply cannot be met by anything that is commercially available. It is not only resurfacing the cabinets, at the same time it is possible to add architectural detail to the front of the doors which adds another dimension to the finished job. With new hardware, colors or stains to your liking and the addition of detail your kitchen ends up looking like you want, not the way the stock cabinet maker wants it.

Regardless of whether you choose paint or stain your cabinets will end up looking as good as if not better than new kitchen cabinets in St Louis.

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