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Posted by on Jun 11, 2021 in Pest Control |

The benefits of building and pest inspections

The benefits of building and pest inspections

It is very beneficial for homeowners to periodically conduct a test in their home designed to identify pests including insects, rodents, termites, etc. Most people are aware of such tests, but often they only think of them as something which is done as part of purchasing real estate. Pest inspections are carried out by trained professionals; it is an important part of routine home maintenance as well as business premises, apartment buildings, etc. Pest inspections are also carried out by government inspectors on premises open to the public, especially those serving food.

Although termites are a major problem, pest inspections in Peachtree City GA can also be carried out to identify other issues including vermin, ants and other invasive insects. The professional that carries out the inspection usually spends about an hour to go through a normal size home, the inspector goes through the entire home from the attic to the cellar or crawl space, anywhere that it is felt insects may be hiding.

One of the benefits of building and pest inspections is the comprehensive report that is issued to the homeowner. The report states the places in the home that were inspected and investigated and whether pests were seen or if there is any evidence that indicates they are present. The report includes data on the damage that was seen by the inspector and identifies areas of concern that have every chance of becoming problematic in the future. Normally the inspection report concludes with a series of recommendations on how to eliminate the pests.

There is no doubt that pest infestation is a serious problem that must be taken care of. Termites are especially problematic as they can and do cause significant structural damage to the house; if this is not identified and corrected quickly the result can be extremely expensive repairs. Rodents such as mice and rats carry disease, they can pass on the disease to the people living in the home, they also can ruin food stuff and they are known to eat the insulation off electrical wiring, the result can easily be a fire.

A benefit of building and pest inspections is that in most cases the company that performs the inspection can also exterminate the pests. Because this is something that does not take place all that often, the homeowner may not know a company that is involved in both inspection and eradication. They might consider asking a realtor or the local health department, both of which use the services of local pest control companies.

There are numerous benefits to having building and pest inspections done. Pests are dirty, carry disease and are aggressive enough to cause damage to the structure of your home.