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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Business Services |

The advantages of outsourcing medical billing

Everyone involved in the medical industry, be it a doctor, nurse or other med tech are in the business of healing sick people and saving lives, their forte is not billing the insurance companies or patients.

Medical billing is a task which can prove to be over taxing, demanding and challenging for medical practices, especially small practices. For this reason alone many physicians turn to medical billing companies to do this work for them. By turning billing over to professionals, the physician can save time and money and ensure that the billing process is error free.

As a physician, you should consider the advantages of outsourcing billing and then decide if this approach is suitable or whether you will keep the billing task in-house.

Focus on patient care: You are a doctor, not an accountant. It is important that you spend as much time as you can focusing on that which you do best and that is providing quality patient care. This is particularly advantageous if you have a small practice with limited support staff.

Reduce errors: Those professionals that do medical billing can ensure that the claims are submitted correctly and in a timely manner. Medical billing companies have but one purpose, and that is to provide you as a physician, a service that will in most cases be a burden to you. By turning this important facet of your business over to professionals you will see a reduction in the number of denied claims due to simple billing errors.

Saves money: You can see savings of many thousands of dollars in wages and benefits by outsourcing your billing; there is no need to have extra office furniture, computers and programs and all that which goes to support an employee. The medical billing company will charge you a rate per claim or a percentage of the claim, whatever you can negotiate with them or is there standard. Regardless, you will find it considerably less costly to outsource.

Improve patient satisfaction: It can be very difficult to keep two balls in the air at the same time. Your patients are looking for a physician that can dedicate his time and talent to them and their medical issues; not spend their time thinking about the billing process. Your office receptionist you be free to greet patients, see that forms are filled out and take appointments. Your patients will be pleased that they receive uninterrupted care when they visit your office.

As a responsible physician you should be looking for ways to do that which you do best. You are far better off working with medical billing companies and in that light you are invited to contact D Pro Technologies, a leader in the medical billing industry.