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Posted by on May 8, 2019 in Financial Services |

Taking Care of Your Cap Table

Taking Care of Your Cap Table

Taking Excellent Care of Your Cap Table

If you’re contemplating securing a business IPO (Initial Public Offering), then it can help you greatly to get assistance from a reputable company. That company is ours. When you want cap table management help that’s a diamond in the rough, Colonial Stock Transfer Company Inc. is the tried and tested solution, period. We’re based in lovely Salt Lake City, Utah and have been accommodating all sorts of customers since back in the eighties. If you want guidance that involves issuer compliance or transfer agent matters, we won’t let you down in any way. We present customers with a wealth of choices in specialties that can simplify their existences substantially.

Plentiful Choices in Issuer Services

If you want to be able to pick between a dazzling array of issuer services, we can aid you here at Colonial Stock Transfer Company Inc. We offer services that are appropriate for transfer agent matters, first and foremost. Our services cover all sorts of other pertinent topics as well. Several key examples of these are corporate actions, press releases, worker planning, consultations and even the filing of SECs (Securities and Exchange Commission). If you want in-depth advice that involves yearly meetings or anything else, we can help you feel 100 percent at ease. Our team members assist shareholders with significant regularity, too. They know so much about certificates for stocks that are lost. They know so much about getting rid of restrictions permanently and about dealing with forms for shareholders.

Reach Out to Colonial Stock Transfer Company Inc. Without Reluctance

If you want help with cap table management that can genuinely stand the test of time, we can accommodate you at Colonial Stock Transfer Company Inc. Reach out to our genial team now to get more information.