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Posted by on Sep 23, 2019 in Urgent Care |

Take the Hassles Out of Medical Care with Speedy Service When You Need It

Take the Hassles Out of Medical Care with Speedy Service When You Need It

How many times have you tried to tough it out when you’ve been sick only to make matters worse? If you’d gone to the doctor for that nasty flu, you could have been back to work in a few days instead of missing over a week. You are not alone. So many of us put off seeing the doctor because it’s too hard to get into the office. You don’t want to be stuck in the ER when it isn’t a true emergency. You just want to feel better. You need someone who is available when you are stricken with an illness or injury out of the blue. Urgent care offers you the opportunity to get medical advice sooner than you could with other options.

Take Advantage of Medical Services That Are Meant to Serve You Quickly

If you aren’t faced with an emergency, your medical needs can be met quickly. You mainly need a medical expert to examine you, diagnose the problem, and prescribe treatment. If you are dealing with a wound, you need someone to take care of it so you can avoid infection or other complications. Urgent care gives you a place you can go for prompt service. If you use the online check-in, you should be on your way out the door in a shorter amount of time.

Get Help When Regular Hours Won’t Work for You

Your local clinic providing instant care can help you when you have a medical problem on the weekend or in the late afternoon. The walk-in clinic usually has evening hours. If you managed to get through your workday while you aren’t feeling your best, your clinic can help you on your way home. You don’t have the same flexibility with your doctor. Learn more about services that are available for you when you visit My Insta Doc Urgent Care of Howell at