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Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Business Services |

Swisher Sweets Cigars: The Best in Mild Cigars

Swisher Sweets Cigars: The Best in Mild Cigars

Swisher Sweets cigars are one of the most recognizable names in the tobacco world, but they had humble beginnings. It all started with a man named David Swisher. He received a small cigar business in 1861. He sold it to his sons, Harry and John, in 1888. It wasn’t long before the company, known as Swisher Brothers, was able to produce hundreds of thousands of cigars a day.

Eventually, the company set up their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. They were able to hire hundreds of people during the Great Depression, which attracted a lot of positive attention. In 1958, Swisher Sweets cigars were introduced and quickly became one of the most popular cigars ever sold. The sales of this cigar helped the company become Swisher International, Inc. Today, Swisher Sweets cigars maintain that same high status. What is it about these cigars that have made them so desirable?

Superior Quality

Swisher Sweets cigars are known for a level of quality that dates back to 1924, when Swisher Brothers established its headquarters in Jacksonville. Here, the company installed new machinery capable of mass-producing perfectly uniform cigars. Several inventions accompanied this increase in productivity, which led to a further increase in quality. For instance, Swisher Brothers is the first company to wrap their cigars in cellophane to keep them preserved for a longer period of time. The cigars themselves are made with a tobacco blend of the highest quality possible, and always have been.

Mild, Enjoyable Flavor

Swisher Sweets cigars are not known for having a strong, full flavor. On the contrary, these cigars are known for being mild—a trait that is surprisingly desirable in the cigar world. As it turns out, a mild cigar is a versatile cigar. It can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of day. Swisher Sweets cigars aren’t overpowering, but they are sweet and aromatic. This makes them an appropriate cigar to enjoy while relaxing or celebrating.


Swisher Sweets cigars are on the cheaper side of the cigar spectrum. This is because they’re produced by machine. Costlier cigars, such as Cuban cigars, are individually hand-rolled. Many people believe machine-made cigars lack the quality of hand-rolled cigars, but this is not necessarily true. A well-made cigar with quality tobacco is enjoyable regardless of how it’s made. Additionally, the affordability of Swisher cigars makes them available to anyone!

Since 1861, Swisher has proven that a good cigar does not need to undergo a hundred steps before it is ready for the public. There is no doubt that Swisher will continue to show us that a good cigar can combine quality ingredients with affordability, making them obtainable for anyone wishing to enjoy them.