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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Swimming |

Swimming Pool Equipment that you Must have

It is not enough to build a swimming pool in your backyard and lay back thinking that your job is complete. A huge part of owning a swimming pool includes ensuring that it is properly maintained. For this, you will need the right swimming pool equipment. What are some of these supplies that you cannot afford to go without as far as your swimming pool is concerned?

* Pool pump: In order to ensure proper water circulation in your pool, you need a pump that brings in clean water and pumps out dirty water. Ideally, your pump should be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially during the summer when the pool is in most use. You might want to opt for a solar-powered pump in order to save some money.
* Pool filter: This should also be on your swimming pool equipment, Bradenton FL list. You could choose a sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth type of filter depending on your preference. This equipment is important in filtering out microscopic and harmful elements and microorganisms including E.coli, which cause diseases when left to grow in your pool.
* Pool cleaners: If you like, you can have your pool cleaning done manually. A more

efficient alternative is to install automatic pool cleaners. You could opt for an automatic pressure side, a suction type, or even a robotic cleaner. Cleaners are essential in removing any debris that may make its way to your swimming pool. Such swimming pool equipment will save you time and energy as compared to manual clean-ups.
* Pool cover: If you wish to make your pool inaccessible to unauthorized persons and contaminants, you need to invest in a pool cover. There are different types of pool covers including vinyl covers and thermal bubble covers. These are used when the pool is not going to be used for an extended period of time. They are also used during the winter.
* Pool heaters: This swimming pool equipment, Bradenton FL equipment is necessary when you wish to maximize the use of your pool. Sometimes the pool gets too cold to use, especially at night or during the winter. You can beat this hurdle by installing heaters, which keep the temperature of your pool warm enough whenever necessary, regardless of the prevailing climate.
* Swimming pool lights: If you want to ensure safety in your swimming pool during the night, you should get this swimming pool equipment. Pool lights enable the swimmers to see the walls of the pools and the water level at night.
* You should also have modern rescue equipment on your list of swimming pool equipment. These include CPR masks, rescue tubes, first aid kits, head immobilizers, and ring buoys. These will prove crucial in the unfortunate event of a pool accident.

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