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Posted by on Sep 11, 2019 in Transgender Surgeons |

Surgery May be the Best Option for You to be Who You are Meant to Be

Surgery May be the Best Option for You to be Who You are Meant to Be

You’ve always felt different. Society has placed expectations on you to be a girl. You were born with a female anatomy, but you feel like a man on the inside. When you were growing up, you always gravitated toward the boys at school. You shared the same interests. You wanted to play the same kind of games that they did. When it was time to go out for sports, you didn’t want to play on the teams with the girls. You wanted to play football, but it wasn’t accepted. You can’t relate to girls. You feel uncomfortable inside your own body. You believe you should have been born as a boy. You’re seriously considering female to male reassignment surgery.

Be Sure This is What You Want

Choosing female to male reassignment surgery is a major decision. You will change your life forever when you alter your body in such a way. You need to be certain you are a good candidate for sex reassignment surgery. When you sit down to talk with your surgeon, the first step will be a thorough assessment. This will include an evaluation of your mental health to make sure this is what you want, you are clear about your expectations, and you understand what awaits you in your future. You’ll need to show proof that you have experienced a disconnect or dysphoria with your gender that has accumulated over the years. This can’t be a spur of the moment decision. You’ll also be expected to test out what it would be like to be the opposite sex in a real life situation.

Reassignment Surgery is Performed in Stages

If your surgeon approves of female to make reassignment surgery for you, hormone therapy will be a first step to prepare you for your change in gender. You will need to undergo a series of procedures to achieve your end goal. The include a mastectomy and genital confirmation surgery. In addition, you may require additional cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of your face and body to give you a masculine appearance.