Strategies that will make moving a little easier

by | May 24, 2014 | Moving, Moving & Relocating

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The days are long gone where you are born, live and die in the same home; today’s society is extremely mobile and people do not think twice about moving across the country if necessary. It’s hard to believe but certain studies have been conducted and they conclude that one in five families move per year. In the old days it was not uncommon for a person to work at the same company all his or her life, today people can expect to change careers several times during their working life and in many cases the change in career also means a change is your location. This is where moving companies in upper West side area comes into the equation. Relocating is a big deal, especially if it’s across the country or even to the other side of the world. Even in the best of circumstances relocating can be costly and both physically and emotionally challenging; in the worst case it can be an absolute nightmare.

Regardless of the circumstances there are a few ways to bring the stress level down, it starts with time management, including a buffer which will let you deal with unexpected problems that will crop up while you prepare for the move. Prepare your timeline well in advance of the actual move, give yourself a good two months to plan and execute the move.

Once you have made arrangements for your new home and researched your new neighborhood the next thing to do is to talk to moving companies upper West side. You will want time to comparison shop as moving companies do vary considerably both in cost and the services they provide.

Although moving companies do normally provide insurance it is rather basic cover and you should consider taking out your own policy. The insurance that many moving companies provide is extremely limited as it is based on compensation per pound and the compensation is often less than a dollar a pound, this will not go very far if the mover should inadvertently drop your computer as the insurance will owe you the weight of the computer multiplied by one dollar. You should consider valuation based insurance and ask the moving company to provide this in their proposal.

As you get closer to moving day don’t neglect to fill out change of address cards, check with your doctor and dentist in hopes of getting a referral at your new home and get copies of your medical records to take with you. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange the services to be disconnected and begin to use up perishable items that can’t be taken with you. With thought and planning you can accomplish the move with minimum disruption to your life.

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