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Posted by Judie Langford on Apr 14, 2014 in Shopping

Step Out in Designer Stockings

Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than slipping into a pair of designer stockings. Stockings have a way of making legs look more attractive and put a sensual sway in a woman’s walk. Stockings are not to be confused with ordinary hose that must be tugged and pulled into place and feel as if they are about to steal your last breath. Stockings tend to be thigh high and can be coupled with garter belts for a sexy and seductive look in the bedroom.

Go Beyond the Ordinary

While ordinary stockings come in nudes and can be quite typical, you can step out of the ordinary by purchasing stockings with various patterns and prints. Give your next dress or skirt combination a unique look by wearing a pair of daring stockings with them. Stockings can be as plain or ornate as you desire. The more fancy styles tend to have baroque patterns, diamonds, stripes and floral prints. When you wear stockings made by designers, you are giving your look an update that is sure to capture the attention of everyone around you.

Step into the Night

Stockings may not be the perfect attire at work, especially if you work for a corporation. However, they are easily slipped into to add verve to business attire that makes an outfit go from work to play within a matter of minutes. With stockings made by top designers such as Gerbe and Le Bourget, you are sure to light up the dance floor with your gorgeous gams. Some stocking even come in fishnet and give a certain sexy flare to an outfit. Be brave and try different colored stockings, as well. When you step into the night, be fashion forward and put one sexy leg in front of the other clad in designer stockings.

Over the Top and Well within Your Budget

When you are trying to supplement your wardrobe, stockings are the perfect way to add pizzazz while staying well within your budget. Silken stockings are affordable and make curvy legs look even more spectacular. Showcase your legs with different designs and styles from that are sure to compliment skirts, dresses and lingerie.