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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Carpet Cleaning |

Stained and Dirty Rugs? Call a Carpet Cleaning Company in Waukesha, WI

Carpets make rooms feel warm and inviting. However, when they get dirty and have stains they make a room look dingy. They also can harbor pet dander and pollen, which makes it hard for people with allergies to breathe. Sometimes people think that they need new furniture, when all they really need is to do his have their carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners have been fully trained to follow manufacturer instructions. That ensures that all carpet and furniture warranties will be preserved. When they hire carpet cleaning professionals, they will be amazed at the improvement.

Pet owners have special needs. Despite their best efforts accidents happen and pet urine can seep into a rug. If these are not fully dealt with the urine can seep into the rug backing and on the floor below. Over time these can wear away the rug backing and destroy a portion of the floor. They can also create persistent odors that air fresheners don’t stop. When a Carpet Cleaning Waukesha, WI technician arrives the homeowner can point out these areas. Appropriate spot treatment can ensure that there are no stains on the top of the carpet and on the layers below.

A homeowner should call a carpet cleaning business for an estimate. This will be based on the size of the carpet and it’s condition. The more stains and spots the more pre-treatment that is necessary. The Totally Clean company representative will also have to determine how much furniture will have to be moved and then returned to their place. They will also note the type of furniture upholstery drapery fabrics. If there are a number of fragile fabrics, they will have to spot test it on the underside to see how it reacts to the cleaning chemicals.

When the carpet cleaners arrive to clean the carpets, they remove all of the furniture. Then they spot treat all of the areas that were identified in the initial meeting. These are applied with high pressure hoses attached to canisters. These cleaners are given a chance to work, while the cleaner applies a cleaning solution to the rest of the carpet. They then use a powerful vacuum attached to a motor in the van to suck out the stains, dander and dirt. It is far more powerful than home vacuum cleaners. They then return the furniture to their original location.