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Posted by on Jul 19, 2019 in Dentistry |

Some Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their Dentist Appointment

Some Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their Dentist Appointment

If your child is afraid of the dentist, then you know getting through their appointment will not be easy. The key is to ease their mind before you even step foot in the building. Use the following tips to prepare for a visit to the children’s dentist in Glenview.

Discuss the Appointment

Take the time to discuss the appointment with your child. Start by reminding them that a dentist is a friendly person who wants to count and clean their teeth. It is important to refrain from naming the equipment or using scary words during your talk.

Plan a Role Play

Another idea is to come up with a game that allows you to role-play as their dentist. It gives them an idea of what to expect when it is time for their appointment. You can also let your child pretend to be your dentist and encourage them to tell the dentist about the game to help keep things more relaxed.

Bring a Comfort Item

There is nothing wrong with letting your child bring a comfort item to the children’s dentist in Glenview. They may want to bring a book, action figure or stuffed animal to their appointment. Remember, you want to do whatever you can to help them feel at ease while at the dentist’s office.

Encourage Your Child

Do not let your child know you are anticipating their tears before or during their appointment. You may unintentionally give them a reason to panic. Encourage your child by reminding them their dentist is friendly and be sure you are all smiles when you walk into the building.

It may not seem easy to calm their fears when it is time for their appointment, but it is possible to help your child feel better about visiting the dentist. If you are looking for a friendly children’s dentist in Glenview, contact Family Smiles at the Glen online.