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Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Science And Technology |

Solar Energy in Murrieta CA is Ideal for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agribusiness Needs

Solar Energy in Murrieta CA is Ideal for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agribusiness Needs

As the cost of generating and distributing electrical power continues to rise every year, the solar alternative becomes more and more attractive as well as practical. Solar technology continues to evolve, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. The use of solar power is being welcomed not only in residential settings, but also in corporate, industrial, and even agricultural environments. Farms, ranches, groves, and vineyards are all taking advantage of Nature’s energy supply. And why not; after all, it’s affordable, clean, available in unlimited quantities, and it does no harm to the planet. Additionally, utilizing solar power can entitle you to federal tax credits, state rebates, and increased property values. Those are the kinds of win-win scenarios we all look for.

Basically, Solar Energy in Murrieta CA is generated by panels made up of photovoltaic cells which, when exposed to sunlight, take advantage of the photoelectric effect to generate electricity. Since the panels tend to take up quite a bit of area, they are most commonly installed on roofs, although they can just as easily be mounted on posts to create a free-standing solar panel array. The electricity from these cells is in the form of direct current and its output will fluctuate with the amount of sunlight available. To create a smooth, consistent flow of alternating current, a series of inverters and transformers are connected to the system. In order to assure that there is power at night or during cloudy days, the generated power can be stored in batteries. Another alternative plan can use a connection to the local electrical utility lines for use as backup power if needed.

If you are considering adding Solar Energy in Murrieta CA to your home or business, consider that each structure is different in size, location, and its orientation to the sun, so each system should be customized, based on its unique characteristics. Your home or business should be located in an open area, free of obstructions like signs or overhanging trees, your roof should be completely exposed to the sun, and you should, of course, own your building. Contact Mac Solar and trained and experienced professionals will meet with you for a free consultation to see if your property is a good candidate for a solar installation. They can explain the installation process and respond to any questions or concerns you may have.