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Posted by on Jun 14, 2019 in Security |

Smart Reasons to Use Two-way Radios to Tighten Security at Your Next Event

Smart Reasons to Use Two-way Radios to Tighten Security at Your Next Event

In this day and age of global terrorism, event hosts cannot be too careful about security. Even if the event you are holding is relatively small and obscure, you still have to take measures to keep everyone at it safe. You always have to be on guard against threats that could endanger people’s lives.

When you have hired a team of security personnel for your event, you may want everyone on the team to stay in close communication with each other. You can use devices like security two-way radios to talk to each other during the event and warn each other of possible threats that could put the lives of attendees at risk.

Reliable Communication

You might wonder why you should use security two-way radios instead of cell phones when securing the venue. After all, aren’t cell phones more reliable than walkie talkies and radios?

In fact, cell phones can be prone to faults that disrupt the communication you have going on with your security team. The calls can drop mid-sentence. Texts may not go through, and the cell phone tower may drop the signal.

Rather than risk security on buggy and faulty cell phone signals, you can get through to the people you want to talk to using two-way radios. The signals to these radios do not rely on cell phone tower service. The communications can get through reliably each time.

Noticeable Equipment

Another reason you may want to use two-way radios involves putting the public on alert that the event is being closely monitored and secured. If you use cell phones, you may not look much different than anyone else at the event who are using their cell phones. No one may know you are a member of a security team.

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