Simonton Windows: Keeping Your House Warm and Secure

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Windows Treatment

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Whether you want to increase the energy efficiency of your house, improve your home security, lower the amount of outside noise that gets through to your rooms, or simply update the look and feel of your house, the perfect way to do so is with window replacements. New windows can brighten up the façade of any house and improve the quality of life inside as well! Tightline Exteriors is your trusted resource for new windows: we install top-quality products quickly and with the utmost professionalism.

New Windows Save You Money and Adds a Great Look

A low quality window is a liability for your checkbook: up to a third of energy, loss in homes is through your windows. Not only does this loss of heat or cool make your house less comfortable, it drives up your energy bill. Do not be swayed just by low prices: without a quality product, the money you save will disappear with your lost heat! Tightline Exteriors has done the research: we only install the highest quality Simonton windows, keeping your bills low and your house beautiful!

Plenty of Energy Efficient Features plus the Quality is Unbelievable

Each Simonton window replacement qualifies for the EPA’s Energy Star. This is not surprising, since each window installed by Tightline Exteriors comes standard with a number of features. First, you get ProSolar Low-E coating on the glass, specially designed to reflect UV rays and prevent heat loss or gain. It also blocks damaging UV from entering your home and causing fading on the interior of your home. The windows are double-glazed: two panels of glass with a thin layer of gas in-between. For Simonton Windows the gas we use is argon, a heavy, odorless, and non-toxic gas that insulates much more that regular air. Each window also comes standard with a lock, making sure your new windows are helping keep your house secure.

Professional Installation

Tightline Exteriors is a Simonton preferred installer, meaning that our craftsman have received top-of-the-line training in installing and troubleshooting Simonton windows. Not only that, we handle the removal and disposal of your old windows, removing any frustration for our customers. Not only that, you receive a limited lifetime warranty for your new window’s parts and a 50 year prorated warranty for the glass! When it comes to window replacement let a professional do it for DIY ordeals there could be a mistake that make it a not Energy Star efficient.

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