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Posted by on Nov 6, 2018 in Restoration |

Silver Plated Silverware Restoration

Silver Plated Silverware Restoration

Silver plated silverware restoration can be exactly what you need to fully dress your holiday table! There was a time when every family had two sets of utensils. They had regular flatware for everyday use and then they had silverware for special occasions. Often these cases of silverware are handed down through the generations. Unfortunately, silver plated silverware can show wear and tear that makes it a bit less then appealing for table use but with silver plated silverware restoration, your table can be formally set again!

A Bit of Luxury

Silver plated silverware was reserved for special occasions and holidays in bygone days because they were considered formal tableware and far to precious to use every day. They immediately dress up any occasion and make any table setting feel luxurious. Tablescapes are enhanced by good quality silverware laid out to perfection. Restoration can help to return your silverware to its glorious condition and make it meal worthy once more.

The Process

An expert that specializes in metal restoration will be able to restore your silverware including:

  • Replating if necessary

  • Mending

  • Straightening bends

  • Polishing

  • Fabricating missing parts

With the right professional service, the results will amaze you. The right artisan will have the tools and the skill set to restore your silverware and to do it quickly.

As a Gift

Some people have had their old hand me down silver plated silverware restored to pass it on to the next generation for weddings and more. It is a gift that is truly appreciated. Whether you want to keep your old silverware set for use or you want it restored to give as a gift to a special family member, Robben Restoration is the place to go for your restoration needs. It is easy to breathe new life into an old set with Robben Restoration!

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