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Posted by on Sep 20, 2018 in Pest Control |

Signs a Home Needs Rat Control Services in Alexandria, VA

Signs a Home Needs Rat Control Services in Alexandria, VA

The sheltered, warm habitat of a home’s attic provides the perfect breeding ground for rats and other rodents. These pests typically get into the attic through openings the size of a quarter or even smaller. Once they’re inside, rats can hunt for food without being caught by predators. However, rat infestations pose serious health risks to families, which is why Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA are so important. In this guide, readers will learn the most evident signs of a rat infestation.

The Presence of Urine and Droppings

The most visible sign of rats in the attic is the presence of urine and fecal matter. While most homeowners just don’t want to think about it, rats eliminate several times per day, leaving behind droppings about the size of a grain of rice. Use a flashlight to inspect the attic for these droppings as well as small patches of rat urine. Because of the risk of bacteria and disease transmission, it is best not to touch droppings with bare hands.

Chew Marks and Debris

Another sign of an infestation is the presence of chewed debris. Rats have very powerful jaws as well as teeth that don’t stop growing, and they can chew their way through almost anything. In the attic, rats may chew through insulation, cardboard, wooden planks, and electrical wiring, which creates a severe fire hazard.

Nighttime Activity

Like most other rodents, rats are nocturnal, which means they go out at night to look for water and food. If there are rats in the home, they’ll likely scamper around at night. If there are only sounds in the attic during the day, they can be attributed to squirrels, not rats or other rodents.

Rats in the Attic? Call Today

These are just some of the most evident rat infestation signs to watch for. If these symptoms exist, Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA will keep the problem from getting out of hand. Not only are rats a nuisance, they pose a serious threat to the family members’ health. Call Pest Management Services to schedule a consultation with a pest control professional in the Alexandria area.