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Posted by on Sep 24, 2018 in Funeral Services |

Selecting Among Funeral Directors in Bel Air

Selecting Among Funeral Directors in Bel Air

Most funeral homes are characterized by the funeral director. This professional typically sets the mood, tone, and presentation of the facility to the public. An experienced director, for example, will have a sense of compassion, instill confidence in family members that arrangements will be handled according to specific wishes, and exudes professionalism and sympathy. While it is the receptionist people speak to on the phone, it will be the director they meet with when they arrive to discuss final arrangements.

Do Not Wait Until the Need Arises

The time to learn about Funeral Directors in Bel Air is not when a loved one dies. There is no time at that point to begin researching the experience of directors, asking friends about any directors they have worked with, or attempting to get referrals from coworkers. When attending a funeral or memorial service at a funeral home, pay attention to how the director conducts business. Is that person soft- spoken, seems responsive to the needs of the surviving family members, and ensures the proceedings go smoothly?

Another way to gather information is research online. This will not give you a feel for a director but will provide vital information regarding years in the business, general attitudes regarding grief and compassion, and an idea of how important pre-planning is to the facility. Funeral Directors in Bel Air are consulted by marketing staff to determine content, images, and depth of information provided. Also ask people if they have an idea of a director who would suit specific needs and preferences.


Interview some if interested in pre-planning. Make an appointment and discuss options, recommendations, and a payment plan for the arrangements. A full-service facility, such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, will be able to assist in any plans desired.

People who are thinking about pre-planning but are not ready to finalize plans can go to evansfuneralchapel.com for insights, pricing, and pre-planning forms. This process not only gives people peace of mind, but it also eliminates placing loved ones in the position of selecting among funeral directors when you pass away. The funeral home will already be picked out and arrangements will already have been paid.