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Posted by on Sep 22, 2021 in Construction and Maintenance |

Roofing Options to Consider When Planning a New Garage

Roofing Options to Consider When Planning a New Garage

When it comes to garage prices near Hammond, Indiana, several features can impact the final figure. Having a custom garage designed and built ensures that the structure will match your existing home, and the construction team will make it to suit your needs. Some of the factors to consider are the roof and its pitch.

Two-Point Roof

A two-point garage roof is probably one of the most common builds. This configuration means that when you are standing on the street and looking at the garage you will be looking at the garage doors and a triangular piece of siding above it.

Reverse Gable

Contractors can reverse the two-point roof so that the flat face does not point to the street. The shingles or roofing material will be what people will see when they pull up to the garage door.

I-Joist Roof

I-joist roofs are handy for homeowners that need a lot of storage. This construction involves extra beams across the ceiling, which gives you more space to store boxes and totes.


The pitch describes the angles at the peak. When constructing an i-joist garage, you may want the rise tall so that you can stack a lot of things in the storage area. If you do not want to block a neighbor’s view, designers can create a custom garage with enough parking but with a slight pitch. For details about more roofing and siding options as well as custom garage prices near Hammond, contact Indiana Garage Guy.