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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Materials & Supplies |

Rockwell Industries International Carries GE S-1000 Metals

At Rockwell Industries International, we make a point of maintaining a large inventory with varied and high quality raw material metals. Since 1984, we’ve provided distribution and conversion of these products for the aerospace, industrial, commercial, marine and military sectors.

The General Electric S-1000(or GE S-1000), is one of our highly popular Inconel alloy 718 products. Alloy 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel alloy that is of a high grade, and incredibly durable, even in the face of temperatures as high as 1,300 Fahrenheit. In the annealed condition, alloy 718 metals have good fabrication characteristics. They also posses impressive fatigue, tensile and creep-rupture strengths. Good resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and great mechanical properties in cryogenic environments, make alloy 718 metals great for jobs that demand the utmost in strength. The GE S-1000 materials may end up getting used in gas turbine engines, motor components, cryogenic tanks or springs and fasteners.

Our staff is dedicated to giving nothing less than the best in customer service, and will gladly take the time to help you find standard, non-standard and hard to find materials. We maintain wonderful, active relationships with several global mills and distributors, each of which is as committed to quality as we are. We partner with sales agents in the United States of America, Israel, Europe, Australia, South Korea and elsewhere for domestic and international sales. Our daily shipments are received at both airports and ocean ports, making it easy for you to get what you need quickly and affordably.

We recognize that safety is the top priority when you’re dealing with ships, air craft, machines and other large projects. Feel confident that we are a AS9120 Rev. A and ISO 9001:2008 and PWA-LCS Certified distributor. We are constantly working to improve our products and services, as well as staying ahead of the game by keeping abreast on advances in the industry. This has helped us build a great reputation with our clients and partners.

Feel free to look around the website, and get in touch with any questions or concerns. Our staff is always ready to help. When it’s time to order, trust no one but the best for yourGE S-1000 and other metals. We can also provide secondary services such as drilling, testing, heat treating, grinding, trepanning and more. Get in touch with Rockwell Industries International today for the finest raw material metals on the market visit.