Replacement Checklist: 4 Signs You Need to Toss Your Old Windows

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Windows and Doors

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Want a home upgrade? You might want to consider replacing your windows. For some houses, especially historical ones, restoration is often the first choice. But if that’s not the case you’re dealing with, then going for replacement windows might be a fitting solution for your problems. Not sure which route to go? Here are a few signs that you need to toss over your old windows for new ones:

  • Your energy bills are rising. According to HGTV, if keep your energy bills keep spiking and you know it’s not an appliance problem, your windows might be the reasons your home isn’t as warm or cool as you want it to be. If you keep adjusting the temperature dials, it might be that your windows are letting in too much of the cold or heat. A handy way to solve that is to replace all your old windows with energy efficient ones. You might have to spend a lot upfront but the long-term benefits will last you for years.

  • Your windows work on crank. Crank and gear windows often break down over time. If you find yourself applying more pressure to the crank than you should, it might be time to start browsing for some new windows.

  • You can’t close your windows—not unless you jury-rig them. You’re not MacGyver. You don’t want to have to jury rig your windows every time you need to close them. Want to live with open windows forever? When the storms and the heavy rains come in, you’ll be back to your old jury-rigging self. Stop that cycle. Go for replacement windows.

  • Your windows are painted shut. MassRealEstateNews says that used to be an easy way to insulate a room. However, if your windows are shut, and a fire breaks out, you might be limiting your outside access and that could result in accidents or worse.

  • You feel a draft when you stand near your windows. That might be pretty hard to determine though if your windows are open. Close them and see if you still feel the draft. Going for energy efficient windows will save you a lot of trouble then.

  • Your windows frost. No matter how much your kids love Elsa and Anna, frost over your windows indicate signs of wear and tear in your window panes. Keep your home warm in the winter by having those replaced.

With this handy checklist, you’ll hopefully have an easier time finding out whether you’re due for a replacement or not. For information on finding replacement windows in San Diego, visit US Window and Door.

Looking for replacement window in San Diego? US Window and Door offers an extensive lineup of window types to suit every home. Contact us today for information and assistance.

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