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Posted by on Jan 23, 2021 in Dentistry |

Replace Lost or Damaged Teeth Using Dental Implants in Downtown Chicago

Replace Lost or Damaged Teeth Using Dental Implants in Downtown Chicago

Let’s face it, in this day and age a great smile is very important. Unfortunately, some people have oral problems that make creating a beautiful smile difficult at best. For example, people with crooked, misshapen or severely stained teeth can often hide these faults with a dental veneer. The real problems occur when the teeth are severely decayed or are simply missing. For this type of situation, the dentist may make use of Dental Implants Downtown Chicago. This remarkable procedure works by replacing either a single tooth or as an anchor for various prostheses such as bridges or dentures.

To begin the process, the dentist may suggest bone grafts. This part of the procedure ensures that enough bone material remains to support the stud or anchor. As people age, the bone density decreases and the jawbone tends to shrink. The effect is even worse with long term denture wearers because the force of chewing pushes the denture against the gum and bone with a lot of force. Bone grafts tend to take a little time because the grafts will need to heal. Plus, in really serious cases, the grafting may need to be done in stages. The importance of healthy jawbone with dental implants in Downtown Chicago cannot be stressed enough. If the sides of the jaw are weak, then the stud might not have enough support. This is important because of the extreme stress involved when a person bites or chews.

The individual implant uses an inert material such as titanium for a strong anchor. Once this is in place, the dentist will allow the wound to heal before installing the crown. Crowns are typically made from porcelain because this material provides excellent strength and durability. Plus, porcelain provides a nice pearly sheen that matches the look of real teeth.

Using implants as anchors is a bit different because the anchors will need to be placed so the prosthetic can be removed. Anchors cannot be placed close together in order to avoid possible fractures in the jaw. The benefit to using this method is plain to most denture wearers. Implant anchors keep the device from moving which makes eating certain foods much easier. To learn more contact the experts at South Loop Dental Specialists.