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Posted by on Feb 26, 2019 in Urgent Care |

Reliable Medical Transportation

Reliable Medical Transportation

When you, your loved one or your patient needs reliable critical care services in NJ, our Hackensack Meridian Health Alert Ambulance service is a natural choice. We offer medical transportation services to people of all ages. We can transport patients for non-emergency needs. If a patient needs to be transferred from a nursing facility to home for hospice care or a hospital or doctor’s office, we are prepared to help.

Our drivers are fully licensed, trained and certified. In our medical transport vehicle, we have a full array of equipment to monitor the patient’s condition. We also have communications systems so that we can keep healthcare providers updated as to the patient’s condition and the timing of the patient’s arrival. Our medical attendants are licensed and trained emergency medical technicians, physician assistants, and nurses.

You can count on us to provide efficient and cost-effective medical transportation services. Some of the transportation needs that we handle include taking patients for outpatient procedures at a doctor’s office or hospital. We also transport patients who need to have an imaging study or a laboratory test performed. If a patient is going home or to a nursing facility after hospitalization, we can provide medical monitoring and transportation to the desired location.

If a patient develops a problem during transportation, our staff and ambulance are equipped to handle the situation. We perform the necessary interventions to stabilize a patient. In such cases, we keep the receiving physicians and nurses updated about all of the interventions that we have performed. Patients, their healthcare providers, and their families count on us to provide safe and dependable critical care services in NJ. Call us at Hackensack Meridian Health Alert Ambulance today or visit us at