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Posted by Judie Langford on Oct 25, 2018 in Construction and Maintenance

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Tankless Water Heaters in Temecula CA

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Tankless Water Heaters in Temecula CA

Hot water is one of the necessities of modern life, but it can be very expensive to create using standard techniques. The common water heater uses a large tank, typically forty gallons for an average home, and keeps the water heated to a specific temperature. Depending on the design of the home, the water heater will use an electric heating element or a natural gas burner for the heating process, but neither are extremely efficient. Unfortunately, this process continues even when no one is in the home using the heated water which is a terrible waste of energy.

One solution to this problem are Tankless Water Heaters in Temecula CA which are designed to heat the water on demand. The principle is actually pretty simple. The water heater is equipped with sensors that are activated when the water flows. These sensors turn on the heater which brings the water to the desired temperature. The method of heating is very similar to that used by a regular tank based system without wasting the energy required to heat and maintain unused hot water. To bring the water to the right temperature it is circulated through a heat exchange system designed to heat as much water as possible in the smallest area possible.

One concern which people have with tankless water heaters is keeping a consistent supply of hot water throughout the home. To avoid this problem it is possible to place multiple units wherever they may be required. For example, installing one near the bathroom for showers or baths while placing another near the kitchen for cooking and cleaning purposes. It is also possible to install tankless water heaters as an additional supplement for a standard hot water system instead of replacing your existing tank with a larger version. Plus, this method may allow you to reduce the temperature of the water heater to reduce energy consumption even more.

Eventually your water heater will fail and when it does you have the perfect opportunity to switch your home to a more efficient system, but if you are really interested in saving money you might consider making the change now. Eliminating that inefficient water heater can reduce your electric bills and the savings could help pay for the cost of the upgrade. Visit the site for more details.