Reclaiming Your Home from Water Damage in Tampa, FL

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Whether your home is been flooded because of trying to put out a fire or because of a weather-related event, the damage this can do to your home can be significant. Fortunately, there are companies out there dedicated to bringing your home back from even the most significant Water Damage in Tampa FL. However, you’ll need to understand that repairing your home after excessive water damage will happen in various phases.

The first phase is to remove the water from the home. Of course, standing water is the first type of water that needs to go. Fortunately, with experience in water damage as well as the proper equipment that water damage companies typically use, removing standing water is a fairly quick process.

The next phase in the restoration process is to remove as much moisture from the interior of the house as possible. You see, when the interior of the home is inundated with water, there are many surfaces that will absorb a great deal of moisture. Drywall, installation, wood flooring and especially carpeting can hold moisture, even when the standing water has been removed.

For that reason, carpet cleaners, moisture extraction devices and high-powered fans will often be used to completely dry out the home. What this does is it eliminates the moisture that can cause unhealthy mold growth down the road. In addition, removing all this moisture gives the water damage company a clear indication as to what can be refurbished and what will need to be replaced. In some cases, insulation and drywall that is been significantly impacted by water will need to be replaced. However, carpet, carpet padding and sometimes wood floors can be salvaged, even if they have been submerged in water for an extended period of time.

As you can see, a company that is dedicated to repairing Water Damage in Tampa FL, can do wonders to a home that has been completely inundated with water. By successfully removing standing water and excess moisture, the actual renovations to your home can begin. Before you know it, your home can be ready to be lived in once again. If your home has been damaged by flooding, you may want to consider contacting ServiceMaster 24 Hour services.

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