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Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in Family Law |

Reasons You May Need to Consult With a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa

Reasons You May Need to Consult With a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa

While there is no legal requirement that says a person must hire a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale WA, many people feel more comfortable knowing they are being given legal advice and guidance. While some marriages can be ended with little effort, some end up going through court hearings that are lengthy. It is important a person, at least, consults with a divorce attorney if they are attempting to divorce. The valuable information gleaned from one of these meetings can help to steer a person in the right direction so they are able to make the right decisions in the process.

  • If a person has been married for at least several years, it would benefit them to hire an attorney. The longer the marriage, the more issues that are often involved in a divorce. Since there is a greater history in these marriages, there is often a higher level of emotion involved.
  • Those couples who own valuable property together will likely need an attorney to help ensure the property is distributed fairly. It is especially important an attorney is hired if there may be some tax issues that need to be resolved because the property has increased in value.
  • If a marriage has resulted in minor children, it behooves people to hire an attorney. Custody, child support, and visitation issues can cause major disruptions in the flow of a divorce being finalized. With the help of an attorney, a person’s rights can be properly protected.
  • When the other party in the marriage has hired an attorney, it is important one is legally represented too. A person should never meet with their spouse and attorney without their own legal representation.
  • Should a fault reason need to be filed, such as abuse or adultery, an attorney becomes even more necessary. An attorney can help gather evidence that will be crucial in proving the fault reason for the divorce.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and are in need of legal help, contact a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa. An attorney will help you through every step of the process so you can pursue your divorce with as little stress as possible.