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Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Dentistry |

Reasons to See a Dentist in West Hollywood for Teeth Whitening Treatments

Reasons to See a Dentist in West Hollywood for Teeth Whitening Treatments

A smile can be very important in the way a person is perceived in both their personal and work lives. Because of this, many people are seeking ways to improve the condition of their smile. One of the primary problems many people want to correct is teeth that are stained or discolored. While there are a number of over the counter treatments for this, often a person will find seeing a Dentist West Hollywood is the best way to deal with this type of issue.

People who are seeking to whiten their teeth may think they can use an over the counter treatment to handle this type of problem. While some whitening kits do offer some results, generally it requires a greater amount of time than seeing a dentist would entail. In addition, most kits do not have products that offer the same whitening strength as the agents used by a dentist. This will generally mean more applications to try to achieve similar results.

Seeing a dentist in West Hollywood for teeth whitening treatments is also a better choice because a dentist will have the skills and training to make sure the whitening products are used safely and effectively. Generally a dentist will hand paint the whitening product onto the patient’s teeth. This allows the dentist to make sure all areas of the teeth are well coated. He or she will also use the same product to fill a dental tray with the product and then apply it to the teeth. This dual application can be a great way to ensure the teeth are well covered.

A dentist will also have access to the proper equipment and tools needed for the job. Before the whitening treatments are started, most dentists will have the patient’s teeth professionally cleaned. This can remove tartar or plaque buildup from the teeth. With these substances gone, the whitening product will be able to come in contact with the enamel much more quickly. This can make the treatment faster and more efficient.

Making sure a person’s teeth are as white as possible can be a great way to enhance a smile. By seeing a dentist for whitening treatments, most people can feel good their teeth are white and bright. For more information, please visit Virginia Van Osdel, DDS website.

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