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Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in Tree Service |

Reasons to Choose Organic Lawn Care in Westport, Connecticut

Reasons to Choose Organic Lawn Care in Westport, Connecticut

The advantages of using strictly Organic Lawn Care in Westport Connecticut go beyond the potential to save both time and money. Going organic is better for homeowner’s lawns in the long run, and is also better for both the health of a home’s inhabitants and the health of the planet at large.

Using conventional chemical fertilizers to keep a lawn looking beautiful may seem to be effective in the short run, as the massive input of nutrients can certainly boost productivity short-term, but over time it has a negative affect on its ability to protect itself against pests and develop extensive root systems that are able to withstand drought. That means extra incurring extra expenses when it comes to watering and pest control. Using organic products increases plant health and improves overall soil quality and water retention. In the long term, this means less water use, better resiliency to pests and drought, and thus less monetary input.

Since chemical fertilizers decrease a lawn’s ability to protect itself against pests and invasive weeds, pesticides and herbicides must be used extensively in conjunction with them. Not only do they damage the ecosystem by affecting earthworms and soil microbes that are necessary to maintaining plant health, but they’re just not great for human inhabitants either. Even the most common herbicides and pesticides are known to contain dangerous neurotoxins. In fact, they rely on them to work. Coming into direct contact with them can be lethal to humans, so it’s worth questioning how good of an idea it is to allow children and pets to play on a lawn that is extensively treated with them as well.

Finally, the effects of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are more far-reaching than many homeowners realize. They impact the health of their lawns, but the toxic runoff they create can also have a negative impact on surrounding wild lands, or even leach into water sources intended for human consumption. Organic Lawn Care in Westport Connecticut doesn’t have to be a challenge, either.

Landscaping companies such as Northeast Horticultural Services provide organic lawn care at a reasonable price, making it easy for homeowners to make responsible decisions about property maintenance. Visit for more information, or call to get a free quote today.