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Posted by on Oct 10, 2019 in Uncategorized |

Reasons to Choose Carpet Flooring in Spring, TX

Whether renovating an existing home or making changes to a new purchase, there are seemingly endless options to improve the space. When a family gets stuck on flooring, there’s an easy solution that can work in several rooms of the home. Take a look below to see how carpet flooring in Spring, TX is the right choice for a living space.

Provides Insulation

Carpet installation is a wise investment for the colder winter months. Carpeting provides warmth and insulation, retains warm air longer than other flooring options. Those with carpet in their bedroom don’t have to worry about bare feet hitting cold wood flooring first thing each morning. Also, this offers a great place to curl up beside a fireplace on the coldest night of the season.

When the carpet is used, it can help to save energy as it is an important contributor to the insulation and indoor environment. Carpet not only insulates floors; it also creates a psychological feeling of warmth.

Safety and Comfort

Carpet gives any room a comfortable, plush, and cozy feel, especially in a den or bedroom. They also offer a kid-friendly space for children to play on and are a much safer option for the elderly too. Wall to wall carpeting reduces the chances of a slip or fall. It provides traction and grip, and should a fall happen, the carpet and padding can help to cushion the fall. This isn’t always the case with a hard surface. Also, rugs are easy to get tripped up on.

Helps with Noise

Carpet fibers absorb sound, creating a quiet and peaceful living space. When the carpeting is placed in play areas, a home theater, and the den, the noise is reduced significantly. When good padding is added, this just enhances this ability.

Many Choices

Carpets are a versatile flooring choice, offering a plethora of style and color options. Choose a bright pattern if a focal point is the goal. In other cases, let it be a soft accent to a bedroom.

When the time comes for carpet flooring in Spring, TX, turn to ATL Carpet Flooring. They do it right the first time. Visit the website and request an appointment. They have set the standard in the local carpeting industry.