Re-manufactured Automatic Transmissions – The Process, Pros and Cons

by | Apr 11, 2015 | Automotive

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Re-manufactured automatic transmissions are different from rebuilt transmissions. Although they offer similar cost benefits, the process involved is very different. They are completely re-engineered in a factory setting, rather than rebuilt by the mechanic. It is said that re-manufacturing is the only way to insure the best operation and longevity. There are a number of different manufacturers and each can have their own process.

The Basic Process

During the manufacturing process, all soft materials, including seals, gaskets, clutches and clutch packs are replaced. All hard parts that are showing signs of wear are then resurfaced before cleaning the entire transmission. The transmission is then stress tested using a dynamometer to insure that it is fully operational. There are different types of manufacturers, including the auto manufacturers themselves. Each offers different levels of repair/replacement and amenities.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to opting for a re-manufactured automatic transmission. The re-manufacturing process guarantees a long lasting repair and a transmission that is in like-new condition. Although the cost is higher than a rebuilt transmission, it is less expensive than a brand new transmission. In addition, a warranty between one and three years would be offered. In some instances, re-manufactured automatic transmissions perform even better than new transmissions, as all upgrades that are available will be added to try to make the transmission more durable and increase its lifespan, including valve body modifications, oil and lubrication modifications, additional oiling holes and more. If there are any well-known weaknesses, these will also be addressed transmission specialists.

The Down Side

Some manufacturers take shortcuts and leave parts in place that should be replaced. This may lead to a shorter life span for your new transmission. These same manufacturers may not fully test the re-manufactured transmission and therefore they may not work as long or as well as they should. Full research into the manufacturer should be done prior to choosing your parts. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that follows documented standards and procedures to insure that all parts meet OEM specifications for shift timing, clutch seal pressure, electrical currents and more.

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