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Posted by on Aug 2, 2013 in Automotive |

Questions to Ask Before Signing Up for a Rental Company that Offers Limos in Miami FL

Renting a limo allows you to arrive at any event in style. Whether you are going to the airport or attending a black tie affair, a limo rental allows you to enjoy the event without having to worry about who is driving, how you’ll get there, and other problems.

There are hundreds of companies that offer rentals of Limos in Miami FL. Before you sign your name on the dotted line of the contract, you may want to ask the following questions. These questions will help you avoid confusion and potential problems when the day of the event arrives.

The first thing to discover is when payment is due for services. When payment is due to the company that offers rentals of Limos in Miami, FL will depend upon what service is selected.

Some limo rental companies offer customers the option to pay a flat rate for point to point service, while others will have an hourly billing system. Point to point service may require the customer to pay upfront for the service, while hourly billing may require the customer pay a small percentage down and the rest of the bill is paid at the end of the evening.

Another question to ask is if the tip for the driver is included in the price of the service. Most drivers who work for companies that offer rentals of Limos in Miami, FL work off of tips. In an effort to guarantee that the driver gets his or her tip, a company will often include the tip on the bill for rental services. However, if this is not included on the bill, you will want to make sure you factor in the tip so the driver will be paid at the end of the evening.

The last question to ask the company that offers rentals of Limos in Miami, FL is whether or not you will have contact with the driver of the limo. Most companies, such as Taylored Limousines, provide the customer with the driver’s cellphone number. This allows the customers to get in contact with the driver if they need to be picked up early or if things change throughout the evening.

If the company does not provide a cellphone number, ask them how you will be able to contact the driver. Some companies have a centralized call center that is used instead of individual cellphones.