Questions to Ask and Things to Consider When Looking For The Best Dental Office in Catonsville

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Dentistry

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If you’ve just moved to Catonsville, or if your current dentist has retired, finding a new dentist can be challenging. Just going to the dentist in itself can be nerve-racking, let alone stepping into just any dental facility without knowing the dentist, the policies, or the staff. To avoid an unpleasant, stressful experience, do some research so you can find the best Dental Office in Catonsville.

Ask and Search

To find a good Catonsville dentist, ask around. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, or even your family doctor, might know of a well-respected dentist who services the Catonsville area. You can also go online and do a search for local dentists. Often, patients write testimonials about their dentist, which can come in handy.

Visit the Facility

When you get a referral or find a dentist online, set up an appointment to check out the facility. During your appointment, look around to see if the office is organized and clean, and determine whether the front-office staff is helpful and friendly. The front office generally makes the first impression on the patient, so if there’s a nice ambiance, it might be a good sign.

Interview the Dentist

When you meet the dentist, don’t be shy. Ask any questions that come to mind. Inquire about his education and experience, and also inquire about the services. Some dental offices, such as Gentle Family Dental Care in Catonsville, offer both general and cosmetic dentistry services. This is ideal, because whether you need to get a cleaning, a root canal, or a filling, or whether you wish to whiten your teeth or need dental implants, you can have it all done under one roof.

Office Policies

Before leaving the Dental Office in Catonsville, inquire about the facility’s policies. Check whether appointments are required, or whether they also accept walk-ins. Also, see what their policy is regarding cancellations, because some dental offices charge for missed appointments. Also, determine whether they offer emergency services and what their hours of operation are. Finally, check which forms of payment and insurance plans they accept.


Whether you need an extraction or a root canal, the procedure will be a lot less stressful if you have it done at a well-respected office with a qualified dentist and a friendly staff. You’ll end up thanking yourself for the research you did to find the best dentist.

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