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Posted by on Jul 17, 2019 in Pest Control |

Questions To Ask A Commercial Pest Control Company

Questions To Ask A Commercial Pest Control Company

Hiring a pest control company for any type of residential or commercial pest control services is a very wise decision. Just as there are quality professionals and top companies in any type of industry or service, there are qualified, experienced and professional commercial pest control services and ones that are not as much.

To make sure the company that you hire as your commercial pest control service in Middletown NJ is one of the quality companies and not one of the companies to avoid, compiling a list of questions to ask each company can be very helpful.

Sometimes, you will find the first company you speak with seems to have all the right answers. It is still recommended that you talk to at least two more companies, which will give you a complete picture of what you can expect. Through doing this comparison, you may find one company offers a better price for the same service or uses an approach that makes sense given your property and your pest control needs.

What Professional Standards and Methods do you Follow?

This is a very good opening question. If the commercial pest control service doesn’t have any way to describe their operating standards and methods, you are working with a company that doesn’t have a plan for your pest control.

Top companies will use an Integrated Pest Management plan and also be Quality Pro Certified. Most will have additional training such as CPCO Green Certified Training as well as members of state and national pest management associations.

How Long has the Company been in Business?

In pest control, experience is a vital factor. It is also important that the company have most of their experience in your area. After all, pest management is going to be very different in a year-round warmer climate like Florida when compared to the northern states where bugs are only active a few months of the year.

What Guarantee is Provided?

Different companies may require a long-term contract for services while others will provide single options in pest control. Be sure you understand what type of arrangement you are entering into and ask specifically if a contract is required.

Additionally, ask about the warranty or guarantee for the work completed. Bugs will not be gone overnight, but they should be greatly reduced immediately and then slowly eliminated over the next two to four weeks. Top companies will stand behind their methods and re-treat if required at no cost to the customer. Browse the site for more details.