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Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 in Home And Garden |

Purchasing Motorized Window Shades for Your Home

Purchasing Motorized Window Shades for Your Home

Nearly every homeowner in the United States has some type of window treatment on their windows. Window shades can help you easily manage how much natural light is filtered into the home. When it comes to finding shades for your home, there are many different styles and colors of traditional shades. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are also motorized window shades available. As the name suggests, these are window shades that allow users to automatically adjust their window treatments.

Automatic window shades are ideal for those high or hard to reach windows that were previously impossible to reach for manual adjustments. Automatic or motorized window shades come in many different designs and look no different than the traditional manual window shades. They can be used on nearly any size window imaginable no matter how large or small the opening is.

Within the automatic window shade category, there are actually a number of different options. Many automatic window shades come with a remote control feature that will let you adjust the positioning of the shades with a push of a button, but there are additional forms of automatic window shades as well, depending on your individual preference. The decision to get automatic window shades is quite easy, and they are much more affordable than most people think they would be. Fortunately, finding this type of retailer online is easier than most people think.

This is why so many individuals turn to the professionals at The Shade Store; they have been providing customers with quality, customized window shades for over 60 years. Custom shades based on the customer’s exact measurements, easily ordered online, and the shades ship for free! They are truly the one stop shop for all things window shade related.


Automatic Window Shades – The Shade Store has a large selection of different window shades, both traditional and motorized. Window shades come in a variety of prices, styles and colors. They can be found online at